eNVD app to help strengthen assurance and traceability

eNVD app to help strengthen assurance and traceability

March 21 2023

ISC has finalised its newest update to the electronic National Vendor Declaration (eNVD) system with the launch of the eNVD Livestock Consignments app. This purpose-built app overcomes connectivity challenges by using QR codes to transfer consignment details end-to-end.

Our red meat industry is forever evolving, and the new eNVD mobile app is an important step towards streamlining livestock consignments. With a greater need for efficiency, accuracy and traceability, NVDs must be able to accommodate any situation – online or offline.

Watch the video below to learn more about the eNVD app.

Before using the app, producers are advised to check in with their transporter and receiver, including saleyards and agents, to ensure they are ready to receive digital consignments. For those receivers who still require paper forms, eNVDs can be printed or emailed and sent with your livestock.

Benefits of the eNVD app

The eNVD app helps saves time and prevents errors by enabling digital transfers through the entire supply chain from producer to transporter, saleyard, feedlot and processor.

Some of the benefits include: 

  • Producers can use templates to save time
  • Consignments can be completed and transferred without mobile coverage 
  • Data is securely stored and always available online
  • Increased efficiencies for supply chain including avoiding the need to transfer hard copy information to internal systems
  • Increased completeness of information supplied, as incomplete eNVDs cannot be submitted
  • Supply chain memebrs can integrate with current software and systems, improving data flow.

Getting the eNVD app

The app can be downloaded for free through the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

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ISC has a suite of eNVD app promotional and ‘how-to’ resources available for all supply chain sectors.

Everyone in the supply chain has a responsibility to the integrity of the red meat industry. Digital consignments increase the accuracy of data – strengthening our assurance, traceability and integrity.